The relationship between Gay men and Straight women


Joachim Jackson Forte
3 April 2017

The show Will and Grace’ portrayal of the gay men and straight women relationship makes for a very funny sitcom. But In real life the relationship between gay men and straight women got people through tough times, like the societal oppression of straight men. In this article I will be writing about why the hags love their fags, and a little bit of psychology of how the dynamic actually works.
Unlike the friendship a straight men and straight women which people often assume that they are dating. And when it never happens the friendship will get sour, therefore braking up the relationship. Secondly when those two people are not clear on what their relationship is for example the guy wants a romantic relationship and the girl does not want one there will be a riff between those two.

There is nothing like that of the fags and their hags, because their’s an understanding that romance will not happen. So they both know that the relationship is very much platonic. They can just focus on their relationship, and whether or not a shirt fits them and stuff like that.

The other thing about that is very special about this relationship is that gay men, straight women relationships is often than not build on liking the same things. I do not want the stereotype here but there is something true about the notion that gay men and straight women are a like in more ways than one they both like and admire strong women.

Clearly, the friendship between straight women and gay men is a very special one. Gay men and straight women has gone to a lot of troubles and tribulations true out the decades, straight women often nurse gay men through the AIDS epidemic. But as gay rights movement began to gain wins, there will come a time that the only thing that a gay men need is a friend, and just a friend.


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