The conservative argument for LGBT equality

Joachim Jackson Forte
April 7, 2017


The other day I saw a picture on Facebook of a men wearing a t-shirt with a statement and it reads: only God can judge me written in rainbow printed letters. So I asked myself if god is the only one who can judge gay people. So why are they (the republican party) judging LGBT people. Here are some of the right arguments that they should think about before adhering to the ‘conservative’ argument.

First Republicans are for limited government, right? No not really, for tax cuts for the rich yeah which is wrong but for the poor and for the marginalize, no. Take abortion for instance they got no business invading the privacy of women who want to have an abortion, Privacy duh!

Lets go back to gay and transgender people the government has no business telling people who to marry and the bathroom they use. According to the limited government argument which you love so dearly that we should mind our own business. It really seem to me that the republican party wants that if it is convenient for them and theirs.

Second argument is the what I would call the Christian argument I do not care about what Leviticus has to say about gay people. I am very interested what Jesus would say or do. Jesus Christ is a good person, he is not an asshole and he is also a hippy, right! I think he would say they it is not a choice and that my father made them this way, So when you judge your brother, my brother you are judging our father on how he made them.

Here are two of the arguments I use for conservatives So that they can be really free of people who are wrong about the LGBT community and their families and friends.


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