My reflection: Orlando Massacre

Joaquin Jackson Forte
12 June 2017

Today is the first anniversary of the massacre and terror attack in Pulse nightclub, a gay night club in Orlando Florida. Which killed 49 people and hurt 100 more. The fact that it happens during pride month make it more hurtful. This is a hate crime, a crime to make people feel hurt and bad about themselves.

Like what happened during 9/11 I remember where and where I heard the news and I hated every bit of it. I was at home, readying to go to bed when I first saw a post about a nightclub attack on the internet, and it turns out to be a gay club, my stomach turn in many different places I felt paralyzed. My first reaction is wow, I could not believe what I was reading.

The next couple of days I was shocked not by what happened, but the reaction to what happened. Conservatives are blaming the Muslim community for the actions of one some of them are blaming the victims. Liberals are blaming all but themselves. The super fast pace of everything that happened to the gay community, Isn’t it ironic that we just gotten same sex marriage the year before then the year after we have this. This is hard for others to handle this kind of change.

As a liberal and as a person who is identified as queer it is really hard for me to wrap my brain around what happened in Orlando last year. It’s so hard for people to understand these are like your brothers or sisters even if you did not know their name. You know them by heart because in many ways you are they.

Lastly, I just want to say my still deepest condolences to the people of Orlando and to the families and people who have been affected by this horrible tragedy one year ago today. THIS DAY JUNE 12, 2016 WILL BE IN MY MEMORY FOREVER.


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