Why did Hillary Clinton lose to Donald Trump?

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte
September 5, 2017

In the last week of July of this year, Hillary Clinton has announced she is releasing a new book, the topic was last year’s election. It is called “What Went Wrong”, on stands September 13. It is a look at last year’s elections. Clinton and her cronies believe that the Russian government had something to do with why she lost. There have not been a single credible evidence of this Russia thing. So what really went wrong?

Her campaign slogans “I am with her” It is a little bit narcissistic, or ‘her breaking down the barriers’. Trump on the other hand is saying I am not for TPP. I also believe that she run on platitudes and cliche’s, to many PC outrages, they run a campaign ad on Trump cursing, while a child was watching. What the heck!

While Trump is everywhere, He run like an underdog. Clinton was campaigning with LeBron James or with some other A list celebrity. Trump was speaking in middle America, speaking about how bad TPP is. She really underestimated Trump. She really thought hat because he is so unfavorable and crazy she can just sit around.

The biggest problem with Clinton is she is massively corrupt. Her corruption leaches into the election. At least Trump is saying the right thing; like in health care and universal college. Her many positions flip flops for example on gay rights, in 2003 she is not for gay marriage, but by 2013 after “evolving” she became for equal marriages. She voted for the 2003 Iraq war. Clinton is a person who is not principled. She is only progressive when it is beneficial to her political career.

My final point Clinton says she lost because Bernie Sanders’s supporters either voted for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson or Green Party’s Jill Stain, or worst Voted for Trump. That’s why she lost. That they are sexist. The truth is she lost because of her and her corruption.


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