Why I hate fundamentalist people so much 


Joaquin Tenedora- Forte

As you probably know I am not religious at all, because of many things, one of which is being queer. I know not all religious people hate the LGBT community. But as you probably know there are many sects that condemn the gay lifestyle. I want to talk about fundamentalist religious sects and the harm that they do to people.

The war within religion and science are more evident when religion people are more religious. According to a study done by Pew of 38 percent of evangelical survey does not believe in evolution, 200 plus years since Darwin propose his theory and countless scientists back the theory. They deny the science’s hard evidence.

There have been many reports of children dying,  because the parents refused to basic medical care for their children.  This parent believes that God or Jesus will save their kids from the disease. One of the most absurd sects is Jehovah’s witnesses they don’t allow blood transfusions what the heck. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in god but what they are doing. Should be made illegal. This is murder or at the very least manslaughter. The  sad part is in many of the united states this is legal, most parents would not be prosecuted.

Let us talk about my biggest objection to fundamentalist religion, the treatment of homosexuality. The bible is not a good basis for anything. Because it is wrong. The passages that tell people that gay people are going to hell in the same page there are also that tell people that they are going to hell if they eat pork why is there anyone protesting grocery stores.

There are plenty of contradictions in the bible. I don’t think that it is right to quote the Bible ever because of the wrong things in it.


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