How Adam Lambert Change Me As A Person

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

Note I wrote this for my English Assignment

It was a dry JanuaryWednesday evening in 2009 our home, I was watching American Idol. It was the hight of the shows success. When I saw a guy singing, I said to myself, he was the one that I am rooting for, he was cute. His name is Adam Lambert.

He advance to the final round of the competition but he lost to his friend Kris Allen. Even though he is a better singer than Kris is. But Kris won by one percent of the vote. To me back then it was a shock but in hindsight I know why. I saw the pictures of him kissing an old boyfriend back then I wont lie it freak me out.

Early on, in the competition My mom an I are talking about hair and his hair came up because I really want his hair. My mom told me, he is gay. I did not know what to say. And to be perfectly honest it really creep me.

Two weeks after the show ended Adam came out of the closet as gay. It was 2009. At first I have no idea how I will feel I was 16 and did not have any concept of homosexuality or what homosexuality meant. I have an uncle who is gay but As far as I know is that gay implies bad.

I like most people in this country believe that homosexuality is a sin that should be condemn. But unlike most people I was young, curious about science so I googled it. I saw a 60 Minutes show about “the older brother effect” where in scientist theorist that gay people are born gay they do not chose to be gay.

It was one of the most reviling moments of my life, why are we condemning homosexuality? I said to myself I want to fight for LGBT rights. In the same year I watch the movie Milk, it is about Harvey Milk the first openly gay person to win public office, that also inform my activism.

Since I was a little kid, I always felt little other, I have mild cerebral palsy or CP, and also I was gender non conforming. I wasn’t bullied (thank god) but I was shunted by people who do not understand where I was coming from. There is also a catch, my parents are devote catholics. But lucky for me my parents are intelligent folks.

Adam Lambert coming out is one of the best things that happened to people like me (because the show American Idol is a big hit). . everyone who felt alone because they are not what the socital norms, they are not alone now.

I started reading books about gay rights online And googled many things about gay rights, books from authors, like Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan, James Baldwin and many more. I could see the progression of my people. Gay rights had been my vocation and my avocation since that faithful day of June 2009.

It may be a coincidence but I do not believe so. I was watching when I was, for a reason, God’s reason. I may not understand, but I sure thank God for it, I will be a gay rights activist I will make sure to be good at it. So those people like Adam or me will have the same rights and responsibilities as everybody else.

I owe it to the world and to people like me to be counted. Not just for me but for people who can not be out and counted, because as my esteem professor will know queer people are persecuted all the time for being themselves.

Adam Lambert came into my life as I was coming of age, that is why he made an impression on me. He is a talented guy who change, and gave hope to countless people, people who are LGBTQ in countless cities and states.

So What is the entertainment that change my life I am proud to say that it is American Idol Season 8, It really has. I thank God for everything that has happened to me regarding Adam it really is not a coincidence, I really believe that. That is why after school I will be pursuing gay rights.



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